The Explorers of the Hellenic Scouts are adolescents, girls and boys, age of 15 - 18 years, who are organized in Communities to track aspects of human activity.

The Community's program corresponds to the needs, interests, and unique characteristics of the Scouts' age group and is decided at the "Synod", the Community's conference, at which all members can equally participate whether they be children or Leaders.

The natural environment and human culture, in almost all the ways they can be positively expressed and explored, constitute the source of the content of the Community of Scouts' actions and activities.

An indicative, as well as widely accepted, systematization of these actions, called Six Fields of Scouting Occupation, classifies these actions in the following six (6) areas of activity: Nature Tracking, Education and Democracy, Social Solidarity, Culture, Quality of Life, Career Development. Thus, any action taken by the Community falls into any of the above mentioned categories.

What must be noted, however, is that what makes a Community activity - as well as every scouting sector's activity - in general and in essence, a "Scout" one is that its implementation is always based on a specific teaching method (the so-called Scout Method) and a very specific framework of principles, the Scout Value System, keeping always in mind the importance of serving our fellow men and women as well as the need for continuous self-development and self-improvement. Thus, the Scout Method itself and the above mentioned Scout Value System are the fundamental ingredients always present at every aspect of our activities and are the "essential" features that make every Scout activity a Scout one.