The Scouts are young boys and girls of age 11 - 15 years, who are organized in self ruling companies of 6 - 9 children, the “Enomoties” (Patrols).

The Patrol is directed and represented by the Enomotarchi (Patrol Leader), who is elected by the members of the Patrol in the beginning of each Scouting period and serves for one year.

Each Omada Proskopon (Troop of Scouts) is made up of 3 - 4 Enomoties, which collaborate with one another and contribute to the success of all the activities of the Troop. The activities of the Troop are directed by the Council of Honor, which is made up of all the Patrol Leaders and their Leaders.

The actions of the Troop include subjects from the 5 Sectors of Interests (Intellectual Growth, Outdoors Life, Physical Education, Dexterities and Social Collaboration) and offer scouts opportunities for moral, intellectual, physical and social growth as well as possibilities for the promotion of their individual abilities and talents.

An important element of the program for each Scout Troop is the comfortable and secure survival in the countryside. Thus, scouts are expected to participate in field trips and the annual summer camp.